A plan to boost Brazil’s economy by simplifying its tax system!

How to Boost Brazil’s economy - Presentation of Miguel Abuhab


Boost economy by simplifying the country’s tax system, leveraging its formal economy.


Simplify the tax system is a short-term solution for boosting economic development of Brazil, fostering the country's competitiveness while maintaining the current law untouched.

Miguel Abuhab

Miguel Abuhab

The creator

Miguel Abuhab holds a mechanical engineer bachelor's degree from ITA - Brazilian Air Force Institute of Technology, rated as one of the top and most prestigious engineering schools in Brazil. Miguel’s first endeavor as an entrepreneur ended up to be the biggest ERP company in Brazil, implementing fiscal systems at over the 4,000 companies.

Miguel also founded NeoGrid - A Global Supply Chain Management Systems provider, being awarded by FINEP, the Brazilian Government Innovation Foundation, as one of the most innovative companies for two years in a row. NeoGrid also featured at Gartner’s Magic Quadrant in 2014, for its deep understanding of the Brazilian supply chain landscape and its vast portfolio of Internet Brokerage solutions covering banks, industry, retailers and fiscal transactions within the Brazilian Tax System.

Co-fundador do TOC-ICO, Theory of Constraints - International Certification Organization, friend and disciple of the creator The Theory of Constraints, Eliyahu Goldratt.


I would like to thank all the people driven by their resilience and self encouragement in order to share this vision with everyone able to help pursuing the accomplishment of a Plan that can drastically change the current economic landscape in Brazil. I would also like to thank, especially, my friends and mindful Brazilian entrepreneurs:

Carlos Alberto Campilongo

Carlos Alberto Campilongo Camargo

Romeu Chap Chap

Romeu Chap Chap

Paulo Germanos

Paulo Germanos